.Prevention in law
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Luboš Tichý, Jiří Hrádek (eds.)
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1. PREVENTION IN LAW (basics, concept and significance)

On Prevention in Law: Special Focus on Tort Law
Luboš Tichý

Prevention through Enforcement in Private Law
Willem van Boom

An Obligation of Prevention on Part of an Aggrieved Party in Cases of State Liability for Damage Caused by Unlawful Decision or Maladministration
Pavel Simon

2. PROCES AS PREVENTION (presence and development)

Prävention durch negatorischen Schutz
Eduard Picker

Preventive Damages: a Common Law Perspective
Donald Nolan

3. PREVENTION IN DELICT LAW (economic analysis of law or traditional approach)

Prevention under Tort Law from a Traditional Point of View
Helmut Koziol

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