.Causation in Law
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Causation as a Legal Phenomenon
Franz Bydlinski

Some remarks on the General Philosophy of Causality and Its Relation to Causation in Law
Kimmo Nuotio

Economics and Its Approach to Causation
Dušan Tříska

Natural and Legal Causation
Helmut Koziol

Inconvenient Questions: Causation and the Eradication of Poverty and Climate Change
Jaap Spier

Multiple Tortfeasors
Bénédict Winiger

Causation by Omission
Ulrich Magnus

Causal Uncertainty and Proportional Liability
Michael Faure and Véronique Bruggeman

The „Loss of a Chance“ in European Private Law: „All or nothing“or partial compensation in CASE of uncertainty of causation
Thomas Kadner Graziano

Contributory Fault and Mitigation, Rights and Reasonableness: Comparisons between English and French law
Simon Whittaker

Causation in Contractual Relations
Luboš Tichý

Problems of Causation in the Liability for Medical Malpractice in German Law
Gottfried Schiemann

Causality and Objective Imputation in German Criminal Law
Kristian Kűhl

Causal Responsibility for the Actions of Others
Rebecca Williams

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